The science that makes the Internet work drives the art of web-design. One of the most appealing aspects of web design is the constant challenge of keeping pace with the web’s evolution. Investigating and implementing the latest technologies is not only challenging – it’s a lot of fun.

ScienceThe functionalities I’m able to offer clients now, compared to those of the nineties, when I first started designing, are like night and day. By the same token, things that used to cost tens of thousands of dollars, requiring custom programmers are now commonplace – even free in many cases.
LightSites uses state-of-the-art software and hardware tools for image creation and optimization, site design, site maintenance, audio production, animation and video production. I am also expert in the implementation and customization of third-party server-side scripting for functionalities like e-commerce, interactive features and database backends. Written in languages like PERL and PHP, these scripts can make a site’s interactivity highly engaging if properly configured, and I constantly research the most current ways to do that.

As webmaster for the sites I design, in addition to being a hosting provider, I also keep up-to-the-minute on server technology as it relates to direct functioning of the websites and domains I control and administer. Due to the complexity of these systems, I have chosen to limit myself to working with UNIX/LINUX based servers, which incidentally constitute a significant majority of webservers out there.